Tell it on Tuesday celebrates the expression of individual storytelling and solo performance. Coming together as a community to share works crafted by theater artists and storytellers, we provide an East Bay home to the solo performer.

The last Tuesday of almost every month!



Tickets $8 - $15 at the door only.

Bridget Frederick, Rebecca Fisher

Advisory Committee:  David Ford, Jeff Raz, Charlie Varon, Bruce Pachtman, Kirk Waller

Note: These stories contain adult material – not recommended for children.

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The Marsh Berkeley (formerly Gaia Arts Center)
2120 Allston Way (just off Shattuck), Berkeley

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Musical opening at 7pm / Stories start at 7:30

November 17th, 2015


  • Jeff Byers, “The Cherry Tree of the 16th Day”
  • Andrea Mock, “The Moby Dick Diaries” (excerpt)
  • Malcolm Grissom, “The Voices Made Me Do It”
  • Susan Gill, "Rabbi, the Missing Bride is in Miami Beach with a Gentile Life Guard and Twenty-One Cats."

MUSIC: Seven Rains: Spencer Evans and Rana Rines, Singers/Songwriters
Americana, folk, rock and a splash of jazz

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Spencer Evans and Rana Rines, two independent singer/songwriters, are joining forces to bring to life a new band, which draws on the musical traditions of Americana, folk, rock, and a splash of jazz... They are Seven Rains.

Jeff Byers began telling stories the first time his mother caught him with his hand in the cookie jar. Now he tells at the Asian Art Museum, in classrooms from first grade to UC Berkeley, and in various performance venues around the Bay Area. He’s also a story coach and a former board member of the Storytelling Association of California.

Andrea Mock, born and bred in Porterville, received a BA in Performance from UCSC then moved to Berkeley to form Dancing Ear, Inc. a contemporary dance and music company. Andrea also served as playwright-in-residence at the Speakeasy Theatre 1996-2002. The Moby Dick Diaries, directed by Leonard Pitt and David Ford, is adapted from a work-in-progress teen novel of the same name.

Malcolm Grissom enjoys exploring the creative process. His passion is helping others any way he can, even if only to bring joy and laughter to their lives for a little while. 

Susan Gill is proud to have spent a thirty year career as a community college English instructor. Since retirement, she has been writing and performing solo pieces under the perceptive, creative, and gentle guidance of David Ford. She will present this show again at Solo Sundays early next year and a full-length version of the show at the Rogue Festival in Fresno in March of 2016.

December 15th, 2015


  • Bertha Reilly, "An Irish Version of What's Love Got To Do With It" 
  • Elana Isaacs, “Mashed Potatoes and the Politics of Desire”
  • Sharon Eberhardt, “Squeaker”  
  • Gary Pinsky, "The Origins of Re-Invention"

MUSIC: Joshua Raoul Brody, on piano, accompanies Sandy Noltimier, The Seattle Songbird: They’ll be performing standards, substandards, and non-standards.

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Joshua Raoul Brody plays his favorite Beatles songs AND accompanies YOU on YOURS the first Monday of every month at Café Royale. Sandy Noltimier is the S of noted a cappella-ish trio PMS.

Bertha Reilly, on retiring, got into storytelling and drama with Stagebridge and has been telling in schools and adult settings on and off since then. She grew up in Ireland and has lived in the bay area for past 40+ years. Tonight you’ll see a glimpse into a difficult childhood growing up in Ireland in the 40's and 50's. All true.

Elana Isaacs is a performer, improv teacher, and facilitator whose diverse experience includes mystery dinner theater on a train, being a lefty aunt to her 10 and 6 year old Berkeley nephews, and an obsession with "ugly" dogs. 

Sharon Eberhardt has written plays for other performers and performed her solo show, “Savage Arts” at The Marsh, and Canadian Fringe Festivals.  She has been a member of Playground-SF, Youngblood at Ensemble Studio Theatre, NY, and has had ten-minute plays performed all over the country. She is an alumna of Barnard College, and has an mfa from Columbia U, and is from Buffalo, New York.

Gary Pinsky found his place in the story telling community on the stages of Story Slam Oakland, Fireside Storytelling, The Shout and The Moth. After his debut of "The Fool's Journey", produced in David Ford's class, he found his love for solo performance. Tonight’s story was developed with help from Martha Rynberg.

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Bridget Frederick and Rebecca Fisher

Bridget Frederick and Rebecca Fisher

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