Tell it on Tuesday celebrates the expression of individual storytelling and solo performance. Coming together as a community to share works crafted by theater artists and storytellers, we provide an East Bay home to the solo performer.

The last Tuesday of almost every month!



Tickets $8 - $15 at the door only.

Bridget Frederick, Rebecca Fisher

Advisory Committee:  David Ford, Jeff Raz, Charlie Varon, Bruce Pachtman, Kirk Waller

Note: These stories contain adult material – not recommended for children.

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The Marsh Berkeley (formerly Gaia Arts Center)
2120 Allston Way (just off Shattuck), Berkeley

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Musical opening at 7pm / Stories start at 7:30
Tickets now available online! To purchase please see TIOT TICKETS.

June 27th, 2017
12th Anniversary Celebration


  • Ellen Kaufman “Wake-Up Call”
  • Ron Jones “Naked Zombie”  
  • Neshama Franklin, “happy birthday from yelapa”
  • Houston Robertson, “Victory for the Recycled Virgin” (excerpt)
  • Joshua Raoul Brody, “Ruminations about a work-in-progress”

MUSIC: Sandy Noltimier (vocals, ukulele) accompanied by Joshua Raoul Brody (piano, vocals)
Standards, familiar and not so much.

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Ellen Kaufman, after following a 40 year career in the health care industry, is now happily “rewired”. Although she’s been telling stories for years, she discovered storytelling as an art form in 2014 and finds it thrilling to explore her past through this creative lens.

Ron Jones grew up in San Francisco where he currently lives with Deanna, his wife of 5o some years, children, grandchildren, and a peaceful garden. He is the author of award winning books and plays. Ron has trouble fixing things around the house and dreams of playing basketball. He shares a dark secret that explains the appeal of Donald Trump.  see www.ronjoneswriter.com   

Neshama Franklin lives to tell and does so whenever she can: at the Moth (a grand slam winner), the Naked Truth, Fireside Storytelling, and Tell in on Tuesday--her 12th appearance. She works at the Fairfax Library, posts a biweekly blog of book recommendations and hosts a poetry show (both on the Marin County Free Library website), and has a biweekly radio show on KWMR's Turning Pages. Check out her out on YouTube.

Houston Robertson calls herself an Octobabe. She’s a post-corporate, post PTA, and post-spousal woman who's always wanted to be on stage. And now she is. Houston had a run of shows at the Marsh Berkeley in October 2016. Joshua Raoul Brody is better known as an accompanist — for improv, tango, singers and comedians — than as a sole practitioner, but this is his second appearance on the TIOT storytelling stage … third if you count a piece he did with Merle “Ian Shoales” Kessler many years ago.

July 25th, 2017
12th Anniversary Celebration


  • Ginger Parnes, “Paris Faux Pas
  • Jan Friedman, The Committee”
  • Phyllis Dantzler, “Pretty Little White Girl”
  • Wayne Harris, In the Garden of Gethsemane

MUSIC: Mimi Heft and Friends; folk, jazz, a capella, blues

A B O U T   T H E   P E R F O R M E R S

Mimi Heft lends her melodious voice to a wide range of music, from jazz and blues to a capella and folk. Whether presenting originals or songs by others, Mimi makes each her own deeply personal and resonant story. In addition to performing with her own band, Five-Legged Mule, Mimi has shared the stage with Joshua Raoul Brody, Myles Boisen, Three Drink Circus, Miniwatt String Trio, Mark Growden, Thad Povey, Delco, and others.

When Ginger Parnes was 3 years old, her brothers sent her on stage to sing at a movie theater talent show. They wanted her to win them a bicycle…and she did! Since then, she has been singing  (including 10 years with Berkeley Broadway Singers) and performing with delight when opportunity presents itself. How fortunate to be here at Tell It On Tuesday!

Jan Friedman, formerly a designer and author of a series of books on American eccentrics, embraced her retirement by joyfully exploring her own eccentric potential through improv and storytelling.  Plunging into a new world of senior dating and previously repressed sexuality, she developed “The Committee” with Marsh director Charlie Varon, first performing it last year at SF’s Monday Night Marsh series.  

Phyllis Dantzler is a monologist, stand-up comedian, writer, filmmaker, artist, and slacker extraordinaire. She lived the first 30 years of her life within spitting distance of where the Civil War started. She defected from The South in 1982 when she moved to San Francisco. Phyllis currently lives in Oakland with her two dogs, cat and five chickens.

Wayne Harris is an award winning solo performer, writer, educator, curriculum innovator and musician. A gifted artist with wide ranging interests, he has accumulated an impressive body of work over the years that includes 5 full length plays, presentations for schools, directing and designing for pageantry groups as
well as various musical projects. Wayne is also the director of The Marsh Youth program.

Upcoming Performances

August 29
September 26

Tell it On Tuesday
Bridget Frederick and Rebecca Fisher

bridget.frederick@gmail.com and rebecca@rebeccamfisher.com

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