Tell it on Tuesday celebrates the expression of individual storytelling and solo performance. Coming together as a community to share works crafted by theater artists and storytellers, we provide an East Bay home to the solo performer.

The last Tuesday of almost every month!

Bridget Frederick, Rebecca Fisher

Advisory Committee:
Charlie Varon, David Ford, Jeff Raz, Bruce Pachtman


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December 14, 2010


  • Chris Wolfe, “Speaking the Names”
  • Neshama Franklin, “Poems and Pillows”
  • Patricia Savitsky, "The Secret of the Rose Star Revealed"
  • Paul Sussman, “Do the Math”

MUSIC: Evie Ladin & Keith Terry, banjo, bass, body music and vocals

A B O U T   T H E   S T O R Y T E L L E R S

Chris Wolfe is a performer, writer, and teacher. Previous solo work includes “Spanish Goldfish” (LA, Blank Theatre Company's Young Playwrights Festival) and “Step Through the Mirror” (Seattle, Cornish School of the Arts.) “Speaking the Names” is part of a full-length show that focuses on how people responded to 9-11 from a distance, based on the collected stories of everyday people who found out about the disaster via TV, the internet, and word of mouth. Share your story:; find out more:

Neshama Franklin has been telling stories for more than two decades, ever since she was drafted as a traveling witch at the library where she still works.  In addition to that day job which connects her with all those books she she loves, she has a radio show on a local station where she reads what she whatever catches her fancy.  In her spare time she dances, hikes, takes Pilates, and hangs out with her beloved family in the East Bay.

Patricia Savitsky has been working for the last four years with David Ford and has worked with Ann Randolf and Joya Cory as well, to tell her personal story; her coming of age story, about growing up in Hollywood in a show-business family.

Paul Sussman developed his approach to melodrama and farce through years of work in financial management with Bay Area nonprofit organizations. He has written and performed a series of solo pieces through the eyes of road-ragers, insects, Anabaptists, cannibals, and others who persist in the search for meaning amidst the puzzling evidence.

Evie Ladin is a banjo player, step-dancer, singer, songwriter and square-dance caller with a lifetime of experience in traditional American cultural arts, that she applies to her original songs. She released her solo debut CD earlier this year, and is a dynamic performer  (  Keith Terry is a pioneer in Body Music - displacing his trap set onto sounds made with his body.  He is the founder of the International Body Music Festival, produced by his arts non-profit Crosspulse (

November 16, 2010


  • Zahra  Noorbakhsh, "All Atheists Are Muslim"
  • Maryclare McCauley, “A Real Cowboy and Indian Story”, pt.3
  • Martin Holtz, “Wahkanjewbu Tree”
  • Sharon Eberhardt, “Second-Hand Muse”

MUSIC: Cynthia Weyuker, Musical saw, voice, effects box and miscellaneous instruments.

A B O U T   T H E   S T O R Y T E L L E R S

Zahra Noorbakhsh is a comedian, writer, and solo performer who was a finalist in the Aspen National College Comedy Competition.  She’s performed as part of the San Francisco Theater Festival, the Solo Performer’s Workshop Festival, and will be debuting the one hour full length piece "All Atheists Are Muslim" at the Stage Werx Theatre Nov 7th & 18th.  Check out for more information.

Maryclare McCauley likes telling stories with lots of characters. The dialogue between the characters is compelling to watch and the physicality she infuses into them brings exuberant life to each. Maryclare is proud to preview tonight part 3 of the 4 part 90 minute show she has been working on for over two years. She has also written six shorter more comedic stories, and loves to perform for children. 

Martin Holtz is a founding member of the Bay Area Playback Theatre, a veteran of thirty years in the performing arts in Miami, Florida and locally where he has been a featured actor in Shakespeare festivals, cabaret and political street theatre. As artistic director of Unexpected Company he has written and produced numerous performances, workshops, education and training events. He teaches improvisational acting at Stagebridge and storytelling in the Oakland public schools.

Sharon Eberhardt's play, Savage Arts, was performed at two Canadian Fringe Festivals and at The Marsh, in San Francisco.  Her play, Becca and Heidi, was produced by The Shee Theater, San Francisco, Alleyway Theatre, Buffalo, NY, and Chashama, NYC, and Spacegrrls! was produced by AndHow!, NYC, and B Street Theatre's intern company.  She thanks her husband for supporting her work.  

Cynthia Weyuker is a three time winner of the " Most Unique Performance" at the International Musical Saw Festival. She has  performed  with her musical saw and voice on local radio stations KALX and KALW. Other recent adventures include the San Francisco and Dublin Fringe Festivals, Idiolexical Poetry Reading Series, and recording "Folkspeare: The Bard in a Nutshell",  with the Berkeley based Rude Mechanicals.

October 26, 2010
Stagebridge Partnership Performance


  • Nancy Pearlman, "Evil Deli" an excerpt from "Yeshiva Girl"
  • Marcelina Delgadillo, “Rufus”
  • Ann Riley, “The Painted Fan”
  • Sally Holzman, “The Smile”
  • Dana Chernack, “A Dog’s Life”
  • Kirk Waller, "The True Legend of Stagger Lee Shelton"

MUSIC: John Cowan: Old country blues and jug band music

A B O U T   T H E   S T O R Y T E L L E R S

Nancy Pearlman grew up in NY and then moved to a small Southern town in Northern Florida at age 14. Her life has taken many twists and turns from Commercial Fishing to Glass Artist and jeweler. She is a member of the Antic'witties improv troupe, but her most important role is Grandma to 5- and 2-year-old smart, talented, funny, adorable (did I mention smart?) girls.

Marcelina Delgadillo
focuses on stories of her life growing up and living in Oakland as well as traditional Latino tales that celebrate her Chicano Heritage. She has been a student at Stagebridge for 3 years, performing at Senior Centers and mentoring at Hesperian School in the San Lorenzo.

Ann Riley grew up telling stories...mostly to stay out of trouble. She now tells for the Asian Art Museum, Stagebridge, various schools, senior residents, and local swaps. She is on the board of SAC, the Storytelling Association of California.

Sally Holzman's instruction for an exciting, imaginative, creative and friendly retirement is to become a storyteller. She has been practicing this principle for ten years and her life is imaginative, exciting, and oh so friendly.

For 25 years, Dana Chernack, pushed a lawnmower over the manicured hills and dales of Piedmont and Montclair. He then went to work in a warehouse where he fell on his head. This led to a personality change. He is now a writer/performer/desk clerk. He has a wide variety of material. Mr. Chernack is willing to perform for peanuts.

Kirk Waller, the Director of Storytelling Programs at Stagebridge Senior Theater Company.  Kirk’s storytelling is a blend of musicality, movement and emotion.  He is the winner of the National Storytelling Network’s 2010 Emerging Artist Grant and has appeared at storytelling festivals, schools, theaters and various venues in the land!

Waxwing John Cowan sings and plays the old country blues and jug band music in the styles in which they were first recorded, yet with his own deep feelings and expressiveness. He plays them on guitars as old as the recordings he has mined for his material. Delta and Piedmont blues may be familiar to a somewhat knowledgeable listener, but Waxwing also plays the styles of Memphis, St. Louis, and even Indianapolis among others. His songs are mixed with stories about the early players and the development of the various styles, as well as about the guitars he plays, old ladder braced Stellas and metal bodied National resonators.

September 28, 2010


  • Jawad Ali, Mysteries of an Earthquake
  • Carolyn Doyle, Good Grief! Confessions of a Peanuts Junkie
  • Olga Loya,  A Different Boy  
  • Elaine Magree, Pilgrimage or, Why I'm not an Indian

MUSIC: Boundless Gratitude, Guitar and vocals

A B O U T   T H E   S T O R Y T E L L E R S

Jawad Ali is a regular at San Francisco's story telling scene.  He has performed at City Solo, Words First, Solo Sundays and at Porchlight story telling series.  This piece was developed at W. Kamau Bell's Solo Performance Workshop.  During the day Jawad designs technology for the Silicon Valley.

As a solo performer, Carolyn Doyle has performed with TIOT and CounterPULSE’s Words First, EXIT’s Thursday Night Combo and the SF Solo and SF Theatre Festivals. Carolyn’s previous solo show, “Confessions of a Refrigerator Mother enjoyed a highly successful 4 week run at The Marsh, playing to sold-out crowds.

Olga Loya is a nationally known bilingual (Spanish) storyteller, performance artist, teacher and writer who presents to all ages from pre-school to seniors. She tells stories that support her beliefs that we can work together as a community,  that we can learn to look beyond racial and class lines and that we can take the time to enjoy ourselves through stories and song.  For the last thirty years Olga has performed and led workshops all over the USA and Mexico and  has been featured in many festivals including the Guadalajara Storytelling Festival and The National storytelling Festival in Jonesborough.

Elaine Magree
A California native: sometimes a wave, sometimes a photon- because you can't be in two places at once, or can you ?

Hassaun Ali Jones-Bey introduces himself as Boundless Gratitude (or BG) to describe his style and motivation for musical storytelling. BG delivers honest words and evocative imagery in a warm and expressive voice, accompanied by intoxicating harmonies and rhythms of a nylon-stringed guitar deftly mining ancestral memories from BG’s DNA. From social commentary and love songs to folk, pop and jazz ballads and children’s music, BG refuses to either dodge issues or be negative.

August 31, 2010


  • Ruth Halpern, “PCs vs. Macs: Love in the Electronic Age”
  • David Jacobson, "Theme Park" (an excerpt)
  • Dona Budd, "Strange Bedfellows."
  • Terri Tate, “An Angel in Hell's Kitchen”

MUSIC: Rachel Efron, Singer/Songwriter/Pianist

A B O U T   T H E   S T O R Y T E L L E R S

Ruth Halpern has been telling stories professionally for over 20 years. As a business narrative consultant, she works with corporations and professionals to help them tell their best stories. She also teaches kids to tell stories via residencies in schools. Her repertoire includes improvisational stories, folktales, and really true true stories.

David Jacobson is a humorist, journalist and free-range ant farmer. He has performed his solo pieces at The Marsh, WordsFirst, City Solo and Solo Sundays. He'll be performing a full-length full-plot version of Theme Park several times at the San Francisco Fringe Festival in September. Theme Park is directed by Mark Kenward; and was developed with Charlie Varon and the sweet-smelling Wool Street Gang of solo performers.  
Dona Budd grew up in North Carolina, where she learned that language creates the world, is as personal as a toothache, and also an everlasting party. She finds the world infinitely delicious, her curiosity is blind to convention, and she never saw a rule she didn't want to break. Her performance asks: What does the birth of art have to do with hair? Damned if she knows, but her life depends on it.

Terri Tate RN, MS is a inspirational speaker/humorist who thrives in the wake of disfiguring oral cancer from which she had a 2% chance of survival. Her hilarious solo show, Shopping as a Spiritual Path, and her upcoming book chronicle that journey. Terri also delights audiences with keynotes like Humor, Resilience and Hope in the Face of Unwanted Change.

Rachel Efron presents her all-original piano-based artistic pop songs.  "It isn't long -- about three notes will do it -- before singer/songwriter Rachel Efron hooks you by the heart" -- David Weigand, San Francisco Chronicle

Sunday, August 29, 10am-12pm

Solo performers and storytellers interested in performing with Tell it on Tuesday: Come to our annual auditions!

What to prepare: 10 minutes or less - either a short piece, or an excerpt from a longer piece.

What to bring: A Friend - to encourage a sense of support and increase the audience size.

How to sign up: email
(you must be available 10am-12pm)

Fifth Anniversary Celebration!
June 29, 2010
Julia Morgan Center for the Arts

Music: 7:00 PM
Stories: 7:30 PM


  • Ron Jones, “The Wave: a classroom experiment in Fascism”
  • Wayne Harris, “The John Henry Chronicles” (excerpt)
  • Liz Nichols, “Lost & Found” (Part II)
  • Jeanne Haynes, “A Bed for All Seasons”

MUSIC: CZ and the Bon Vivants, a Cajun/Zydeco band

A B O U T   T H E   S T O R Y T E L L E R S

Ron Jones lives in San Francisco where he shares his life with family, gardening, and coaching his grand children in CYO basketball. Sometimes if you stay in one place the world comes to your door. This visitation is the wonder and confusion that causes him to write and make sense of it all. His record to date is 354 wins  47 defeats 5 ties and 3 convictions.    

Wayne Harris, one of northern California's premier storytellers is proud and honored to be a part of TIOT. With three full length solo plays that have had successful runs over the years, Wayne is turning his skills and imagination into projects geared for school performances. Anyone interested in his services should visit

Liz Nichols got lost in the 398 "Folklore" section of the public library at age of ten, and hasn't found her way out yet. Her upcoming move to Washington DC should give her the chance to spread Laughter Yoga and TimeSlips (c) Creative Storytelling for People with Dementia.  She thanks Rebecca and Bridget for the opportunity to start developing her first full length piece. 

Jeanne Haynes, after four years of obsessing over her one-woman show “The Stove Is White” with its culminating 6-performance run at San Francisco’s Brava! this winter, at last comes out this evening with a fledging new piece “A Bed for All Seasons.” Since giving up her media relations consulting business 14 years ago, she has submerged herself in the world of storytelling as a full-time teller, teacher and solo performer.  She delights in teaching ongoing classes for adults at Stagebridge Oakland and as an artist in residence for children in Bay Area schools, plus conducting interactive workshops at senior and health care facilities.

CZ and the Bon Vivants is a rip-roaring, smile-'til-you-cry Cajun/Zydeco dance band that has bay area audiences up and dancing in record time. Playing from their heart the music of Southwest Louisiana, CZ has performed on rooftops, backyards, at wineries, mansions, museums, on the street and at many a dance hall near you. Their first CD, "Good to the Bon" is available for sale at intermission.
Andrew Carriere, accordion, Catherine Matovich, fiddle, John Graham, guitar, Elaine Herrick, bass, Tim Orr, drums

May 25, 2010
Julia Morgan Center for the Arts

Music: 7:00 PM
Stories: 7:30 PM


  • Erica Lann-Clark, “In a word, it’s all wishes, lies and dreams”
  • Joya Cory, “The Most Beautiful Showgirl in the World / Irma at the Movies”
  • Tim Ereneta, “Chart Toppers of 1349!” (excerpt)
  • Michael Kaye, "The Popular Culture Society"

MUSIC: Stuart Rosh, vocals, guitar and harmonica

A B O U T   T H E   S T O R Y T E L L E R S

Erica Lann-Clark grew up listening to stories. Born on the eve of the Holocaust, baby Erica escaped with her Viennese Jewish family across an ocean and landed in Brooklyn's cultural hotbed. Her immigrant mama and papa spun passionate tales to bring their history alive with tears and gales of laughter. Everything that happened was seed for a future story. These memories inspire Erica's powerful stories. She tells to honor the past and bless the future.

Joya Cory has been performing since 1971. She is the creator of numerous original theatre pieces, acts, directs & teaches in a wide variety of venues and founded the improvisation troupes, MOTION: THE WOMEN'S PERFORMING COLLECTIVE & LUCKY DOG THEATRE. Her work has been recognized with grants from the California Arts Council, in addition to other grants and awards. She teaches Full Spectrum Improvisation and Solo Performance. Find her at

Storyteller Tim Ereneta of Berkeley enjoys sharing forgotten fairy tales and re-imagining familiar ones with adult audiences at Fringe Festivals, house concerts, storytelling events, and stages like this one. Past performing credits include the mainstage company of BATS Improv and a singing paleontologist at Lawrence Hall of Science.

Michael Kaye is a writer and performer who has garnered press in Rolling Stone, Billboard, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Los Angeles Times. He has appeared at the Knitting Factory, Dixon Place, the Comic Strip Live, the Comedy Cellar, and Gotham Comedy Club, and he has been a writing fellow at VCCA, the Julia and David White Colony, Ragdale, Millay, andWUJS in Israel. He runs, which helps writers finish and publish their books.

April 27, 2010
Julia Morgan Center for the Arts

Music: 7:00 PM
Stories: 7:30 PM


  • Ruth Fraser, Tribute to David
  • Clown Conservatory of San Francisco Circus Center, Monkey King, a Circus Adventure
  • Paolo Sambrano, Bi-Poseus
  • Courtney Good, Don't Touch My Neck

MUSIC: Baxter Bell, violin, Mark Silva, classical and jazz guitar, Trish Johnson, guitar and Phillip Krohn, guitar

A B O U T   T H E   S T O R Y T E L L E R S

Storytelling is the center of everything Ruth Fraser does.   She has been sharing stories all over California and beyond in places as diverse as Laguna Honda Hospital, The Asian Art Museum and San Francisco's Magic Theatre.  Every month stories are shared and enjoyed in her First Sunday Story Group at SF Quaker Meeting House.   She takes great delight in working with emerging storytellers - in class or individually - as they hone their craft.   What a joy to be able to do something you truly love!

The Clown Conservatory at San Francisco Circus Center is the only institution in North America offering comprehensive training in circus clowning. It began in 2000 with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. To date, 120 clowns have graduated from the program; 70% of these graduates are now working professionally in circuses, theaters and other performing companies.

Some say that Paolo Sambrano has done more than the average twenty-three year old, but less than the above average twenty-three year old. Bi-Poseur is Paolo's first full length solo show, and was developed in a year and some change under W. Kamau Bell and the Sol Performance Workshop, based in San Francisco. In non-solo performing endeavors, Paolo was nominated for a Golden Gate Award at the 2005 San Francisco International Film Festival, for his work on the short film,“Elements.”

As a graduate student at SFSU and an employee of Aquarium of the Bay, Courtney Good changes her major and her job description in nearly every conversation she enters.  Interpretive Naturalist by day, Communication Studies Student by night, she is a performer and storyteller for all moments betwixt and between.  Courtney believes in the power of story to teach, to empower, and to inspire both a love for the earth and an understanding of ourselves in both the spiritual and natural world.

March 30, 2010
Julia Morgan Center for the Arts

Music: 7:00 PM
Stories: 7:30 PM


  • Kirk Waller, “Lost Angel”
  • David Kleinberg "The Command Module"
  • Daniel Ari, “arising fall”
  • Fleur Alexander 'I don't fly and I wont fly' 'A bitter glass' 'Lift away my hate' and 'Jan ate a man'

MUSIC: Rob Reich, accordion

A B O U T   T H E   S T O R Y T E L L E R S

Kirk Waller is a professional storyteller and Director of Storytelling at Stagebridge Senior Theater Company in Oakland. This author and recording artist performs at festivals, conferences, schools and wherever he can get a story in! He was recently named the winner of the National Storytelling Network’s J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Grant.

David Kleinberg worked as an editor and writer at the San Francisco Chronicle for 34 years and was editor of the Sunday Datebook for 14 years. He has been a stand-up comedian for nine years and has worked with Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, Sinbad and Richard Lewis. The full "Journey Home" will be presented at the Marsh Theater in the future.

Fleur Alexander is training at the Clown Conservatory in San Francisco. She has a passion for storytelling but is a definite newcomer to solo performance. These stories use metaphors as a way of seeing and understanding people, using a fantasy to more confidently face a reality. They are works-in-progress so any feedback/comments would be more than appreciated;

Daniel Ari writes poems, fiction, and marketing copy; performs spoken-word, music, and the kind of experimental-theatrical thing you’re seeing tonight; and leads workshops in poetry, theater and improvisation. He lives in Richmond with his wife and daughter.

Rob Reich is an acclaimed accordionist, pianist, and composer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A talented instrumentalist and an inventive composer, Rob is steeped in many traditions. In addition to being a versatile solo performer, Rob can be heard playing with many top notch ensembles. He plays jazz with Gaucho and The Nice Guy Trio, composes circus music for Circus Bella, and freelances with many other Bay Area bands.

February 23, 2010
Julia Morgan Center for the Arts

Music: 7:00 PM
Stories: 7:30 PM


  • Kurt Bodden, "Unleashed"
  • Cherry Zonkowski, excerpt of ‘Reading My Dad's Porn and French Kissing the Dog"
  • Thao Nguyen, “I Am So Gay”
  • Craig Harrison, “Homegrown Humor from the PRB”

MUSIC: Stuart Rosh, Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica

A B O U T   T H E   S T O R Y T E L L E R S

Kurt Bodden has performed improv at the Edinburgh Fringe, solo work at the San Francisco Fringe, storytelling on the circuit in Los Angeles, and standup comedy from here to Montana.  He has hosted a monthly talk show at the Purple Onion nightclub and events like Literary Death Match.  Currently he's studying and creating mime, clowning, mask work, and physical theater at Flying Actor Studio in San Francisco – full time!

Cherry Zonkowski, is a Bay Area performance artist whose sold-out Marsh Rising performance, Reading my Dad's Porn and French Kissing the Dog" only proved that she is, has been, and will always be a weirdo. Her college application bio stated that she is "tall, blue, coarse"; nothing much has changed since then. You can be a fan of her on Facebook and follow her on twitter under the name Cherryterror.

Thao P. Nguyen has been been performing solo shows in the Bay Area, under the direction of W. Kamau Bell, since 2007.  She recently performed at the 2009 SF Theater Festival as the closing act at the Museum of African Diaspora stage.  She also co-produces Words First, a monthly solo performance series at CounterPULSE in San Francisco.

Craig Hackin' 'Boo Harrison tells tales in and out of school about growing up in the People's Republic of Berkeley in the 60's: Enjoying arts and whine at Berkwood, Selling lemonade during the riots of 1968, and going door-to-door as an 11-year old selling Used Jokes in the 70's. He is also leader in the Storytelling Association of California, National Speakers Association and co-founded 

January 26, 2010
Julia Morgan Center for the Arts

Music: 7:00 PM
Stories: 7:30 PM


  • Monica Bhatnagar, “Bollywood Princess”
  • Michael Brown, “Danny, David and Me”
  • Martha Rynberg, “Best Feeding”, an excerpt
  • Michael Katz, “The Perfect Teacher”

MUSIC:Vanessa Lowe, singer/songwriter/guitarist,

A B O U T   T H E   S T O R Y T E L L E R S

Monica Bhatnagar is a former engineer turned actress! She recently performed a staged reading of her one-woman show, A Week in the Life of a Bollywood Princess; an extended version of her solo original called, Bollywood Princess. Monica has extensive training in Bharatnatyum and Indian folk dance, and has performed across the United States, as well as in Russia and Denmark.

Michael Brown has created and performed original theater since the mid-Sixties, first in street theater in New York, followed by the critically acclaimed Moving Men Theater Company of Berkeley. His recent work includes staged readings at the Magic Theatre and writing and performing in several full-length productions including his current solo show, Memories and Dreams of the Twentieth Century:  Stories and a Couple of Songs which recently received a CA$H Grant Award from Theatre Bay Area.

Martha Rynberg has been working with W. Kamau Bell's Solo Performance Workshop for 3 years as a performer - and for the last year an instructor. She recently launched her first full length show, Best Feeding, one mother's story of wrestling with the past to make room for the present. In this excerpt: Can adoptive mothers breast feed? Impossible! Crazy talk! Right? Come get all the juicy details.

Storyteller Michael Katz has been performing for over 20 years throughout the U.S.  He was a featured performer at the openings of both the Getty Center and the Disney Concert Hall.  His radio show Katz Pajamas has been on the air since 1984, and can be heard Saturday mornings streaming live at NPR station  His CD of stories "Far Away and Close to Home" received a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award in 2005.

Tell it On Tuesday
Bridget Frederick and Rebecca Fisher and

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